Introduction: Thailand Thanksgiving


  1. Introduction: Thailand Thanksgiving
  2. Flight Log: ORD to NRT
  3. Flight Log: NRT to BKK
  4. Short Review: Boxtel BKK
  5. 7-11 in Thailand
  6. Train Night Market Ratchada
  7. Flight Log: DMK to CNX
  8. Playing with Elephants in Chiang Mai
  9. The Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai
  10. Seeing and Staying in Bangkok



I looked at my work’s vacation spreadsheet and saw that I only had about 4 days to use up. My coworkers had already claimed all of their remaining vacation for the year end. Which means that I will be the one handling the year end madness, okay…

However, I noticed that not too many people have decided to take off on Thanksgiving. My initial thought of traveling during that time would be absolutely insane, it is the busiest travel time in the US.

But not everyone will be traveling internationally during this time, going internationally and combining my 4 vacation days with the company-allotted thanksgiving time off will allow me a whole week of vacation!

I called my sister and confirmed what everyone would be doing and not surprisingly, my family all thought about traveling! For her, she would head to Europe. While my Dad will be heading to India. And my Mom, well…she gets to be happy knowing that she doesn’t have to spend a back breaking holiday cooking some big thanksgiving meal, a vacation in of itself!

As luck would have it, I was able to find cheap airfare to South East Asia. I had already been to Singapore, I figured I’d continue to explore the area even further. Thailand seemed to have really good fares and it helped that those fares came from United. And my first thought was of course, Thai food! I love ordering it to my apartment that I might as well head over there to taste it myself.


With the help of Google Flights I booked directly on United. The final trip cost would be $563.76. Not bad! I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and earned x3 points under the travel category for a total of 1691 UR Points!


While a majority of the journey would be on United, I am glad ANA is there to give me a taste of Asia-based airlines



I would be taking a roundtrip flight going from ORD-NRT-BKK and back the same way. What I enjoyed about this route is being able to transit through Narita International Airport since they have a much smoother transit process than most other countries would.

Another reason is I would have time in NRT on my return trip and I would be in Terminal 1! Terminal 2 in NRT is never a fun time unless you had decent oneworld status and lounge access. Terminal 1 had a reasonably good Sushi restaurant as well as a large selection of duty free items to pick up for my coworkers! I also have Priority Pass access to the KAL Lounge too.


I was pretty lucky to find that price and route and to have an affordable trip to go on during Thanksgiving break. Personally I won’t miss the turkey….


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