Short Review: Boxtel in BKK Airport

Landing in the airport at 1am is never ideal, especially with no place to go to. I thought about crashing in the lounges but all I really wanted for just a bed to sleep on.


And I mean…just look at this immigration line

Enter Boxtel. It’s literally a box with a bed, lamp, outlet, and nothing else. It’s located past the immigration, follow the signs to the Airport Link and then to the transit hotels, Boxtel can be found near the food court. At 1am everything was understandably closed.


Box, sweet Box


You pay by the hour which for me and sleeping for about 7 hours did add up. The final price was a hefty (for Thailand) $50 USD, but I was paying more for convenience than anything else. The staff at 1am seemed very checked out by that point and that made sense. Besides that they were helpful to get me situated in a box.



I mean, it’s a box

What’s in the box? Well….a bed, a light, and a place to put your stuff in and nothing much else. They had A/C Blowing through with the only option to either turn it off or turn it on. They mention that there is no shower and no bathroom. For a bathroom you will need to leave your box and use a public bathroom. They did include a giant water bottle as part of the deal which is thoughtful of them.


I got in, stripped off the clothes I had worn for over 20 hours in a plane and went to bed. The bed is surprisingly extremely comfortable and I was able to sleep almost immediately (Tylenol PM may or may not have factored in my comfort).

Just before my 7 hours I had woken up and I felt a sense of being fully rested, Boxtel has been successful at it’s one job. So I guess I’d call that a win in my book.


You did the trick ol’ Box


Boxtel provides folks flying in the most basic need: a place to sleep, which is all anyone ever needs after being on 2 international flights. The price is a lot, considering I paid significantly less in both of my hostels. But when you just need a bed, it’s better this than nothing else.



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