In 2015 I took my very first solo international flight. Needless to say I was nervous, worried, and upon landing felt the absolute desire to panic.

Upon landing however I learned something valuable and wonderful. Through the power of a giant metal tube in the sky I transported myself to another part of the world I would’ve never thought I’d be in! And that was fantastic!! Since then my travel addiction had started and I haven’t stopped!

I wish to make this blog to not only detail the travel I have done but also provide helpful guides to help people along the way.

The Blog Format is as follows: Monday will be my usual prepared blog post of a trip I was part of. Wednesday will be a continuation of the post or something perhaps more current or even just talking about a flight I want to take. And Friday I hope to end on a note about my personal views and thoughts on traveling, it could be a rant or something that has made me curious regarding travel.

So please, take a look around the blog and see what you like, if you are curious feel free to contact me as well!