Flight Log: ANA Economy 787-8 Tokyo to Bangkok

Airline: ANA
Code: NH 805
Date: 11/21/2017
Route: NRT -> BKK

– The Food
– The Exit Aisle
– Bathrooms

– Middle seat (really my fault)
– Time taken to clear the trays

– Turbulance
– Delays


We landed early which had given me a full 2 hours to transit. I personally love transiting through NRT, just a quick security clearance done in an orderly fashion pretty much every time.

I managed to take a super quick peak at the KAL Lounge in NRT (Accessible for those with Priority Pass). I felt I didn’t have too much time so I just stopped by to grab a bite and a free drink.


Overall the lounge is okay, has a similar set up you would find in a lounge in America, except for of course the perfect pour machine! It was amazing to see it, if anything else. I then proceeded to down my beer and eat my onigiri and proceeded to head down to my gate and…wait

And wait.

And wait.

My flight has been delayed due to aircraft maintenance. While this is something that is routine, the crowd felt a bit annoyed that the gate agent didn’t give us an updated time or when to expect an answer until after she announced it 4 times over the intercom.


I killed time by finding humorous signs and realizing how thoughtful this airport is


Finally around the time we were supposed to take off were able to board the plane. Interestingly they actually shuttled us over to the nearby cargo area for ANA, once we got on the FAs did the customary bows and readied the flight for departure with an hour delay.


We boarded in the cargo area of the airport

I was pretty glad to have an exit aisle as it was a first for me. Unfortunately I was in the middle seat. I loved the space and leg room but was cramped from being between 2 big and tall dudes.


My first time in Exit row! The Middle seat still sucks though

We hit some very heavy turbulence early on which didn’t help me as I was falling fast asleep. Between my sleep deprivation, delays, and turbulence I was not feeling like I was enjoying the flight. But then the food arrived!


Rice Crackers which I had with some standard red wine

The FAs distributed the food in a timely fashion, they explained the menu with every row which is very nice of them. My row all ended up going for the snow crab w/ rice and my goodness was it amazing.


Economy isn’t so bad I guess 😛

It also came with a standard salad, ham and cold spaghetti noodles in a mayo based sauce (I think it’s their idea of pasta salad) and a small cake.

But the main! OH THE MAIN, it also included shredded egg, mackreal, and even some real baby scallops. The presenation allowed for every bite to include a bit of everything.

Once completed all I really wanted to do was get some shut eye, but unfortunately I had to wait for some time for the trays to clear, the FAs on ANA like to take their time with the passengers and like to offer additional coffee or tea but I guess my patience was being tested. Once done I was finally able to rest up and by the time we had landed I was awake but still needed some sleep.

I managed to sneak a peak at the bathroom inside the 787-8 cause it was rumored that even in economy the toilets have a Japanese bidet system. I can confirm that it does and overall the bathroom was pretty impressive for economy. Good lighting, spacious, and of course it has the fabled bidet toilet. It makes quite the difference 😉

Eventually we began to land and we were finally in Bangkok, the delay brought us in around 12am instead of the original 11pm. We managed to successfully deplane and brought ourselves to the giant immigration area.


ANA has always been consistent in their service. The delay and the lack of reason was irksome but they managed to provide a mostly comfortable flight. The impressive food and general care for each passenger more than makes up for it.



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