7-Eleven in Thailand

Really? 7-11

Absolutely, unknown to many, 7-11 is a cultural icon in Asia rather than the place to get tube shaped “food” and Arizona iced tea late at night. 7-11 sparked a convenience store boom in countries for actually providing convenience. In Asia, you can use your local 7-11 to buy plane tickets, pay taxes, find concert tickets, find food that’s a lot better than what you find in America.

In my travels I found that 7-11 is a great way to grab a quick meal without ruining your budget and even provides a peak into what snacks and foods do the locals enjoy at all times in the night!

So basically this is a short guide telling you what you should check out in a 7-11 in Thailand divided by the popular drink, the onigiri (triangular rice balls found in all 7-11 locations in Asia), and the specialty of the country.

The Drink


Nectar of the (Energy) Gods

Fun fact – Red Bull originated from Thailand. Some enterprising Austrians discovered the recipe in their travels to the country that they made their own version of it. The one you will find in Thailand is vastly different. In Thailand it’s called Krating Daeng and features eerily similar red bulls ramming into each other. They are sold in much smaller containers looking more like prescription bottles of magical elixir. The taste is sweeter and non carbonated which I find make it go down a lot easier. How powerful is it? Let’s say on my first night in Bangkok I managed to power through a multitude of bars and alcohol and clubs and ended up sleeping at 5am. A new personal record!

The Onigiri


Just make sure to follow the instructions otherwise you’d bite into wrapper

The Onigiri selection here is not as plentiful as most other 7-11s in Asia. With only 2 options I settled for the Teriyaki Salmon. Which contained hearty chunks of salmon in the bite. Overall it’s not special but when you need to carb load/heal from last night. Like any other onigiri, gets the job done. There is also a spicy cod roe option but since I am not a fan of cod roe I passed on trying it.

The Specialty


Breakfast of (hungover) Champions

CHEESE. TOASTIES. The life blood of any heavy partier or person who needs that comfort from last night. 7-11 has successfully pushed a variety of cheese toasts into their Thai based 7-11s with a mixed success. The most popular being the sausage cheese version. They are heated up in what looks like Hamilton Beach Panini presses and given to you hot. Other options are the egg, tomato, sausage, cheese which explodes with lava liquid into your mouth and hands. Not really recommended but when it’s 6am, you tend to stop caring 😛



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